XXIII. Wilsede Meeting 2020

July 4 - 7, 2020  -  Wilsede, Germany

XXIII. Wilsede Meeting 2020

July 4 - 7, 2020  -  Wilsede, Germany

XXIII. Wilsede Meeting 2020


July 4 - 7, 2020  -  Wilsede, Germany

XXIII. Wilsede Meeting 2023


June 24-27, 2023  -  Wilsede, Germany


As we know, many of you have been waiting for the next Wilsede meeting to come. Hosting this XXIII. Wilsede meeting “Modern Trends in Human Leukaemia and Cancer” we are glad to keeping up the tradition of more than 45 years of excellent science in this very special and inspiring place..

Given the recent breakthroughs in those fields, immunotherapy as well as gene therapy will be major focuses of this year’s meeting. We are happy to eventually be able to see major clinical successes in these highly innovative areas of medicine, particularly in the field of cancer. As long-standing Wilsede-participants will know, innovative treatment options and in particular immuno- and gene therapies have been a recurrent topic of our meeting. Other traditional Wilsede topics include cancer heterogeneity, the concepts of normal and malignant stem cells as well as mechanisms of leukaemogenesis. Of course, these subjects will also be highlighted at this XXIII. Wilsede-Meeting.

The impressive progress made in these very different areas will be presented by international experts in their respective fields, but also junior scientists whose contributions have been selected based on submitted abstracts. We thank all speakers and chairs for donating time and sharing results thus supporting continuation of this unique platform of scientific exchange.

Meetings do not happen without financing support. Thus, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the sustained support of Mildred Scheel Foundation of the Deutsche Krebshilfe e. V. (German Cancer Aid). The commitment of the Deutsche Krebshilfe to be our main sponsor and to finance stipends for young scientists has been vital to keep up the tradition of providing in Wilsede a platform for both “young” and “experienced” scientists to interact.

The “Magic” of Wilsede lies just not in the outstanding science and the tranquil location, but also in the people that have spent much time and energy in keeping the spirit of the 1973 meeting alive. In particular, the never-ending energy of Prof Rolf Neth, who was the initiator and driving force of the Wilsede meetings, as well as Prof Axel Zander, who carried the baton from the 1990ies to the 2000s, deserve special thanks.  In the first decade of this century, Dr Carol Stocking was the key person to keep the tradition alive.

For those of you who do not know Wilsede, we are sure that you will also come to appreciate this tiny village in the Lüneburg Heath, which provides the ideal setting for scientific exchange and stimulating discussions, for which the Wilsede meetings are known. Please push aside your other responsibilities for a few days, and join us during the lectures, poster sessions, walks in the heath, and evenings with food, drink, and music to discuss scientific concepts and new ideas.

Welcome to Wilsede!

Prof. Dr. Boris Fehse
The Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Kröger
The Local Organizing Committee


  • Hinrich Abken, Regensburg/DE

  • Djordje Atanackoviv, Salt Lake City/USA

  • Alessandro Auiti, Mailand/IT

  • Dominique Bonnet, London/UK

  • Frederic D. Bushman, Philadelphia/USA

  • Toni Cathomen Freiburg/DE

  • Björn Chapuy, Göttingen/DE

  • Michael Deininger, Salt Lake City/USA

  • Harry Dolstra, Nijmegen/NL

  • Michael Hudecek, Würzburg/DE

  • Irmela Jeremias Munich/DE

  • Jan-Henning Klusmann, Halle/DE

  • Daniela Krause, Frankfurt am Main/DE

  • Dorothee von Laer, Innsbruck/AT

  • Franco Locatelli, Rome/IT

  • Simon Mendez-Ferrer, Cambridge/UK

  • Matthew Porteus, Stanford/USA

  • Martin Pule, London/UK

  • Radek Skoda, Basel/CH

  • Rebekka K. Schneider, Rotterdam/NL

  • Marion Subklewe, Munich/DE

  • Alvaro Urbano-Ispizua, Barcelona/ESP

  • Britta Will, New York/USA

  • Robert Zeiser, Freiburg/DE


Dates to remember

  • January 2023
  • Start Abstract submission.
  • June 24-27, 2023
  • XXIII. Wilsede-Meeting

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