50th year celebration

XXIII. Wilsede Meeting on
Modern Trends in Human Leukaemia and Cancer
June 24-27, 2023 - Wilsede, Germany

Travel Arrangements

The remoteness of the meeting site, with all its advantages, also presents many logistical challenges in terms of transportation.

Therefore we kindly ask that all participants try to coordinate their travel plans in that way they attend the entire meeting – ideally arriving in Hamburg before 12:00 noon on Saturday, June 24 and departure from Hamburg in the early afternoon on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Please arrange your own train or plane travel plans to Hamburg, but let us know within the online registration WHEN, HOW, and WHERE you will be arriving, so that we can organize your onward travel to Undeloh (see Arrival) and on to Wilsede (see Horse carriage!). It is very important that we are informed of any changes in travel plans (see Contact).

Please note that due to the rural site of the venue, individual arrangements are almost impossible.

Invited Speakers, chairs and stipend holders:

You can generally save on airplane fares by booking well in advance and we ask you to keep your travel expenses as low as possible. In addition to travel expenses, we will take care of lodging and meals in Wilsede for all speakers, chairs, and stipend holders. We can only reimburse economy return tickets and a maximal amount of 200 EUR.

Arrival (June 24, 2023)

We will meet at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Campus Lehre, Building N55 (Map), Martinistrasse 52, 20251 Hamburg (via main entrance or back entrance at Süderfeldstrasse) for

Bus Transfer

June 24, 2023 (Arrival)
10:00 from UKE entrance Undeloh
12:00 from UKE entrance Undeloh
13:00 from UKE entrance Undeloh

For transport from Undeloh to Wilsede, horse carriages will be departing, or please feel free to get a bike.

Horse Carriage

June 24, 2023 (Arrival)
11:30 from Undeloh to Wilsede
13:30 from Undeloh to Wilsede
14:30 from Undeloh to Wilsede
22:30 from Wilsede to Undeloh
June 25 and 26, 2023
08:00 from Undeloh to Wilsede
22:30 from Wilsede to Undeloh
June 27, 2023 (Departure day)
08:00 from Undeloh to Wilsede
13:00 from Wilsede to Undeloh


  • Undeloh: „Hotel Heiderose”
  • Wilsede: „Wilseder Hof“

Departure (June 27, 2023)

Bus transfer from parking lot in Undeloh to Hamburg airport and/or central station:
Departures 14:00

Subject to change without notice!

Important dates

January 2023
Start Abstract submission
February 13, 2023
Start Applicaton for Registration and
Start Stipend Application

March 31, 2023
Abstract submission deadline
March 31, 2023
Stipend application deadline

April 30, 2023
Abstract submission deadline (for Accepted Speakers)

June 24-27, 2023
XXIII. Wilsede-Meeting

Local Organising committee and Scientific Contact

Prof. Dr rer. nat Boris Fehse
Prof. Dr med. Dr h.c. Nicolaus Kröger

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Clinic for Stem Cell Transplantation
Research Department Cell and Gene Therapy
Martinistrasse 52, Campus Forschung (N27)
20246 Hamburg

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