50th year celebration

XXIII. Wilsede Meeting on
Modern Trends in Human Leukaemia and Cancer
June 24-27, 2023 - Wilsede, Germany



Is located in the heart of the Lüneburger Heide, one of the most magnificent and oldest national parks in Europe. The conservation society „Naturschutzpark Verein“ (NVP) was founded in 1909 to preserve this unique moorland between Hamburg and Hannover, including the small village of Wilsede, whose existence can be traced back to 1287. Located within the nature reserve, where neither cars nor motorized vehicles are allowed, Wilsede can only be reached by foot, horse carriage, or bicycle. It has been the site of the “Wilsede Meetings: Modern Trends in Human Leukemia” since 1973, gathering Hematologists and Oncologists from around the world.

„De Emhoff“

Was built in 1609 by the Ernmann family, who lived there for more than 300 years. In 1960 the meanwhile dilapidated building was to be pulled down. With much effort, the NVP together with the Lower Saxony Authority for Preservation of Historical Monuments succeeded to place the building under the Preservation Act. Under the direction of the architect Prof. Maetzig, about one third of the building was reconstructed using the original techniques, e.g. grooved planks instead of nails. The former hallway, cowsheds, and stables were rebuilt into a large meeting room, whereas the “Dönz”, the former living room, is today the kitchen. The lamps were chosen to remind visitors of the old pitch torches. The architectural style of the Emhoff is thought to be the oldest of the moorland region and is especially typical for the southern part of this region. Buildings of this kind have almost completely disappeared due to disrepair and deterioration, making Emhoff doubly precious.
The charming surroundings of the meeting site create an informal and relaxed atmosphere, inspiring communication at every opportunity, for which the Wilsede meetings are known.


Lodging will be organized for all speakers, chairs, stipend holders and for other attendees also (on their own costs).

For your convenience (and due to missing streetlights), we will provide you with a flashlight upon arrival. If you happen to have one at home, please take it with you – it might be better than the ones we provide 🙂

Important dates

January 2023
Start Abstract submission
February 13, 2023
Start Applicaton for Registration and
Start Stipend Application

March 31, 2023
Abstract submission deadline
March 31, 2023
Stipend application deadline

April 30, 2023
Abstract submission deadline (for Accepted Speakers)

June 24-27, 2023
XXIII. Wilsede-Meeting

Local Organising committee and Scientific Contact

Prof. Dr rer. nat Boris Fehse
Prof. Dr med. Dr h.c. Nicolaus Kröger

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Clinic for Stem Cell Transplantation
Research Department Cell and Gene Therapy
Martinistrasse 52, Campus Forschung (N27)
20246 Hamburg

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